The museum society

Museum Society – Background informations

…and the crane and construction equipment museum work group “AG Kran- und Baumaschinenmuseum e.V.”

The work group mentioned above is called “AG“ in the following – the German abbreviation for workgroup (“Arbeitsgemeinschaft”). In the autumn of 1994, one founder of the AG took over the first vintage constructon machinery with the intention for a museal display. From 1996 on further machinery were added also by the second initator and further members.

With the crane and construction equipment museum, the continuous development of these machine types is on display with all the consequences of the progressive mechanisation of building sites on the work of the craftsmen. The goal is to display the technical progress of construction machinery by using selected “key machines”. This technical part of the museum has been established in the museum park at Rüdersdorf at first, where it got several extensions over the time.

The initiators and further supporters of the idea joined the museum park society from 1998 on, aiming to run and extend this unique project of technical history.

Out of this support group that initiated, founded, supported and extended the museum project, in January 2008 the „Arbeitsgemeinschaft (AG) Kran- und Baumaschinenmuseum“ (crane and construction equipment work group) came to life.

Amongst the 25 historical cranes the AG owns currently, dating from 1912 to 1972, 15 are refurbished and erected at the moment. In addition to that there are numerous excavators of different types, mixing technology and road rollers on display, to mention just a few of the collection of 150 machines.

As the funding for purchases and transport was mostly private in the past – paid for by a few AG members – the completion of the museum could only happen in small steps.

A further goal of the future is a scientifically competent approach to the topic, including its display in a projected display hall. This buiding should contain a large and interesting exhibition of machinery models that are either industrially manufactured or hand made.

Inofficially the AG exists much longer. For several reasons it got filled with life recently and officially registered. This AG aims to bundle wisdom, experience and further initiatives. At the same time, the AG has the function of a hub towards other groups either within the museum park or towards other interested individuals or groups within the construction scene. The AG has a leading role in the selection and procurement of further historical machinery.

A further key role is the technical support of the existing machines. This means the regular functional checks and small maintenance issues, but also refurbishment coordination and dismantling or erecting of new museum machines. The AG also manages the website of the museum and it acts as an approachable partner towards companies, universities and technical colleges, further educational facilities, trade unions and other technical museums, and last but not least private individuals who may collect vintage construction equipment on their own.

Within this framework, the AG accompanies the scientific and technical approach towards cranes and construction equipment while setting up and administering an archive of related documents. Most of those activities should take place in a projected exhibition hall. Part of this work is to set up and run a stock of spare parts for the machines in the museum.

To bring this project further forward, the AG relies on information about further machinery that may still exist somewhere. For this reason we are grateful for any hints of construction companies or enthusiasts to safe retired machinery before it goes off the the scrapyard or becomes sold elsewhere.

Also at this point we apply for further support of this project and for members to join our registered charity of the construction machinery museum society.