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Appeal – please help us

For the museum of cranes and construction equipment we are constantly looking for additional, historically valuable equipment. While we cannot “save” every machine, we are inclined to integrate machinery that is of historical value for the museum into our exhibition to preserve them for the future.

With this newsletter we want to draw the attention to any old and maybe historically interesting machine that may be found anywhere. So if anyone discovers an interesting machine, we would be grateful for an

email to: info@baumaschinenmuseum.eu

or using the contact form on our website. If possible, please provide information about the machine, its type, year of manufacture and contact details of the owner.

Best wishes

AG Kran- und Baumaschinenmuseum e.V.

(AG Museum of crane and construction equipment)

The chairman

Urgently needed in particular:

Here we would like to ask for active help to look for an old tower crane, make PEKAZETT (Carl Peschke), Type TK9 (see picture).

The PEKAZETT „Peschke “ TK 9 had been developed in 1957 as successor of the successful series of TK 8 and TK 14. The crane is still a “classic”, bottom slewing crane with a cantilever jib. The connection between the bottom frame and the rotating top however was not performed by an axle but by a “modern” ball bearing arrangement. All four crane motions cold be performed simultaneous at the TK 9 – even under load ! This crane is one of the last tower cranes built in this way.

Such a crane could be taken over and “saved” in 1994 as a first display for the museum. Unfortunately, due to a chain of unforseen circumstances, several parts went missing!

As a priority we look for a complete crane of this type where the technical or cosmetical appearance is less important. The plan is to use the best of the available parts to display this crane completely. Alternatively also a PEKAZETT (“Peschke“) TK8, TK14 or TK25 of the series built before the TK9 would be interesting for the museum.

If anyone finds such a machine or he knows the location of one, we would be more than interested to make contact: info@baumaschinenmuseum.eu


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